The Section Discuss Of The Internationalisation Process

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The section discuss of the internationalisation process of case firm 4 “Delta”. Delta is one of the largest ICT firm in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa and most capitalised ICT firms in Sub-Saharan.
Delta is chosen as one of the case firms for the following reasons (a) Delta is a pioneer and one of the largest ICT firms in Nigerian (b) Delta is one of the few Nigerian firms with subsidiary in East Africa (c) Delta is the most capitalised ICT firms in Sub-Saharan Africa (c) the firm has subsidiaries in 3 countries and operations in several countries across Africa (d) the firm is an example of how a business business can envolve from been a local firms to internationalise (e) Delta is in a emerging sector of the Nigerian econony as …show more content…

While much attention was given to improve communication with the outside world, less attention was paid to enhance and developed the internal communication (Ogunsola & Aboyade, 2005).

Hence, the evolution and growth of the Nigerian ICT sector to some extent is associated with the indigenization decree promulgation of 1977. That decree however, led to increase in the number of indigenous computers dealers and merchants in the country, which prompted a more aggressive marketing by the retailers. Which in turn resulted and stimulated a significant aggressive awareness in computer techonolgy and usage in the country (Ministry Of Communication Technology, 2012). The amendment of the ICT law in 1992, according to Odufuwa (2012) changed the face of ICT in Nigeria the removed the control of the sector from the government ministries to two new regulatory bodies ( the NBC and NCC). These law opened ICT sector and market to the private operators that enable entreprenuers in the IT emerging sector such as DELTA to emerged even at a time when the sector was still under-developed sector. Prior to transition to the democratic rule in 1999, the ICT sector was still undeveloped and the need to reform the sector expedited the Government to commence on major reforms in the sectors. Subsequent policy deregulation and policy adoptation by the Government in the early 2000’s in the sector such as the National Telecommunications Policy (NTP) 2000, National Information Technology

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