The Security Issues Of Cloud Computing And The Current Efforts Of The Research Community Essay

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Abstract—The field of cloud computing has grown in popularity over the years with big software giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Google providing their own offerings. Some of features which make the cloud so attractive is the fact that it provides rapid elastically and easy scalability. Even though cloud adoption has been quite rapid, many of the business are reluctant to move to the cloud owing to the security and privacy concerns associated with the cloud. In this survey paper, we explore some of the security issues in cloud computing and the current efforts of the research community to tackle these issues. Keywords—cloud computing; security; technical survey; SaaS; PaaS; IaaS; I. Introduction In the past decade, cloud computing is increasingly enabling small to medium business to scale out easily and considerably improve their infrastructure resources with minimal upfront cost. Due to the numerous benefits offered by the cloud like rapid elasticity, scalability, pay-per-use, broad network access, low-cost disaster recovery, high availability, more companies have been tempted by the idea of moving their businesses to the cloud. Even with the plethora of advantages, many company executives cite security as the main reason for their reluctance to move their business to the cloud. To facilitate the widespread adoption of the cloud and fully reap the benefits of this technology, it is increasingly important to understand and analyze the various security issues associated

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