The Seven Deadly Habits

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The seven deadly sins, were originally; Envy, Sloth, Wrath, Avarice, Gluttony, Lust, and Pride . Today, I eminently believe that all of these sins are still highly relatable to society, I just do not think that many of them would be considered “deadly” in this day and age. Incipiently, the seven deadly sins, were what society revolved around and tried to avoid. Today, we revolve around them, by partaking in them; such as gluttony and sloth. In America, obesity is at such a high rate, that most of America is obese, including children. This is because many people are lazy and just eat because they are bored and not even because they’re hungry. Most people just sit on the couch and eat chips and go to McDonald’s or Taco Bell because they do not feel like cooking a healthy meal, or just feel that it is cheaper than going to the store and buying something healthier to cook for themselves. I feel that gluttony and sloth are the two most deadly sins today. I also believe that Wrath and Envy sojourn ithin each other quite a bit. I only say this, due to the fact many people today have lowered their morals and standards in life. Many people are willing to kill to have what someone else has. Many people are murdered so that someone can attempt to take over their life and that is a more explicit form of envy and wrath residing within each other. Some people allow Envy to take over their lives and they just sit there wishing they had what someone else has, instead of getting up and

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