The Shadows Of Man By Jane Goodall Essay

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In The Shadows of Man by Jane Goodall Primatology is the scientific study of non-human primate behaviors among wild apes, monkeys and other related animals in natural settings or in laboratories by conducting lab experiments and studies on captive primates. A person who studies primatology is a primatologist. There are many reasons for studying primates, but possibly the most significant reason is to learn about the origins of humans. When studying primatology, one can easily observe the behavioral similarities primates share with humans, and probably begin to understand how humans got to where they are today. The reason anthropology studies primates over any other animal is because primates are the closest living relatives to humans. One primatologist, who significantly surpassed many others in her field, was Jane Goodall. Jane Goodall studied the behaviors of primates and other animals as well, but she specifically studied chimpanzees. Goodall in her book, In the Shadows of Man, shared her three groundbreaking discoveries she achieved through her extensive observations and research. Goodall’s three major discoveries were the complex social system chimps had lived, the hunting and meat consumption process and the usage of tools. Goodall’s research lead to massive evolution in primatology because her research was the starting point that allowed other primatologist to conduct other important researches on chimpanzees and other primates. They managed to study primates in a

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