The Shadows Of The Death And Pain I Knew Too Well

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The shadows reminded me of the death and pain I knew too well. At once years of hidden away memories seeped into my mind. I was once again a helpless defenseless 11 year old girl, whose only dream was to have a loving father and beautiful story book like home. My home was the opposite. Instead of a beautiful story, it was like something out of a never ending horror movie. Gory details and all. To say my father was abusive would have been unfair to abusive fathers all over the world. Pain was enjoyable to him. He loved it with every single bone in his miserable, cold, and unfeeling body. He ached for it like an alcoholic for his liquor. I remember the day he killed my mother and two sisters and I can see the knife that he used to end …show more content…

“Please Mathew,” she begged “let me go and stop think of our children.”
It was then that he did think of the children “Mazy, Rosen, Lucy” he screamed “get in here now.”
I didn’t move. I want even supposed to be home. I was supposed to be at a friend’s house but we had a fight over some silly thing so I left.
Mazy and Lucy where home though. They would not be spared.
“Where is Rosen?” he yelled
“She’s not home.” My mother said – tears coming down her face.
He spat at my mother. “Fine I will punish her later.”
It was then that knife connected my mother’s skin. First it was her arm then leg and face. He continued until she was dead-lying in a heap on the floor. He then started the same with my sisters. They stood in horror, no doubt in shock, as they waited their turns and awaited for their untimely demise.
I felt sick and I almost threw up. I couldn’t cry though. I wouldn’t. I would survive for my mother and my sisters. I had to live for them. They consoled me and made me feel better. They were the light at the end of a long, dark and twisted tunnel.
It was then that I knew what to do. I was shaking and I felt as if I might collapse but I had to get out of there for them.
I remembered my dad, no not my dad, the monster, threating me by showing me his gun. It was in a closet. It happened to be the closet I was in right now.
With new found determination I pulled myself up as stealthily as a cat. I took the gun out of the hiding

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