The Shaping Of The Modern World Essay

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Tennessia Clarke
Prof. Erik Wallenburg
The Shaping of the Modern World

Question #5: The Growth and dominance of Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution transformed the world. Explain the different positions and outlooks on capitalism and the Industrial Revolution taken by Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and Friedrich Engels.
The growth, influence, and power of the world surrounds itself around capitalism and the Industrial Revolution. Capitalism is best described as the economic and political system where different countries trade. It is the economic market of the world in which it provides the needs and demands for supplies; opposed to the industrial revolution where that refers to the transformation of technology.
As discussed in class, the late 1400s were where many economic conducts were controlled by families, religion, tradition and political authority rather than by markets. The manufacturing of goods was done using hand tools and machines in the comfort of households and in small farms. Particularly on farms, workers were required to perform hard labor, making the life of the average person emphatically difficult as results were diseases and malnourishment. In essence, the Industrial Revolution played a major role with the economic market. As the economy improved, longer work days for workers were given since the demand for supplies became increased.
On the other hand, capitalism was becoming very popular and people were

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