The Ship Battle Of Doom : The Ship Battle Of Doom

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The Ship Battle of Doom One day Mr.Ninja-python got home to Mrs.Ninja-python and he made supper. “Thank you for supper, dear,” said Mrs.Ninja-python, “It was really yummy.” Meanwhile at the other side of town Pirate D. hedgehog was at his house and was with all his pirate hedgehog buddies. “So I told him that if you want a fish you’ve got to get the right bait. Ha ha ha.” said Pirate D. hedgehog. “Well I better go I have to go drive a ship with 1,000 people on it. I will see you guys on my birthday. Good bye. Meanwhile at the other side of town “Well I better go I have to get on my ship to Nebraska. Love you honey.” said Mr.Ninja-python “Love you.” said Mrs.Ninja-python. So right now Mr.Ninja-python and Pirate D. hedgehog are going to there boat let's see what happens next. “Well I’m here. Let's go see what awaits me.” said Mr.Ninja-python. “Hello everybody this is your captain speaking” A.K.A Pirate D. hedgehog “We will be leaving the dock in 2 minutes so please get to your rooms and we will be off.” said Pirate D. hedgehog. “Hey who is that” asked Pirate D. hedgehog. “That is Mr.Ninja-python” said one of Pirate D. hedgehog buddies. “I don't like the looks of him. Keep an eye on him.”requested Pirate D. hedgehog. So I bet you already know what happens with Pirate D. hedgehog and Mr.Ninja-Python so you probably want to just click off this story now and not continue reading this horrible short story. If you wish to continue reading then enjoy. On the Ship It is

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