The Short Story Orientation by Daniel Oroczo

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Daniel Oroczo is a short story writer who wrote the short story “Orientation” which got him many awards and just as many appeases from the writing community. Where he since then has gone on to do bigger and better things with his career and starting off fame. Daniel has now a job in the department of English in the University of Idaho and hints at a novel that he is currently working on since the success from his short story writing. The history of Daniel starts in 1957, born from Nicaraguan immigrants who worked union jobs at Bay Area candy factories , not much of his past could not be found or much of anything about the guy. Daniel grew up in Daly City, California and went to school in Stanford his schooling included pre-med, math, psychology, and film and broadcast communication, he worked throughout his younger years as an office assistant around the bay for San Francisco. This is where he worked up until his thirty’s also while working there he got inspiration and motivation to write and this is where his famous short story called “Orientation” came in to light for him. While working on the story he got most of his inspiration for the story from orientation manuals and from instruction videos given out from big corporation for people to watch and get the feel for how the work place in this office flows and feels for any given person. This short story has given Daniel recognition and awards regarding his work as an author such rewards as the William Saroyan

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