Summary Of Rebel Music By Daniel Felsenfeld

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Rebel Music by: Daniel Felsenfeld

1.) Music clearly means a lot to Daniel, as stated in his passage. Daniel talks about how he came from the “least musical of families” growing up, however, his mother signed him up for piano lessons anyhow. Daniel played the piano for quite a while, but eventually quit and worked in piano bars and theater orchestra pits at seventeen years old. Daniel stated some afternoons he would go to his friend Mikes house and listen to popular bands. One day, mike asked if he wanted to “hear something wild”. The something wild was Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. I think this is a point where the significance is clear. Daniel said that day was when he thought he actually heard music for the first time. Daniel took mikes tapes and listened to them in secret. He would blare Beethoven on the way to school, and quickly change it to KROQ while pulling in. Daniel was so in love this new genre of music he discovered, he decided to become a composer. He put in all the hard work: studied scores, read biographies, and got a serious piano teacher. Now Daniel lives in New York and is a composer of classical music for NewMusicBox. If Daniel never listened to the “something wild” he might have never had this future of becoming a composer.
4.) if I were going to design a visual for this essay it would be an eighth music note surrounded by guitars, fire, and anything that represented heavy metal music. I would do this because in the passage Daniel talks about how

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