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Sierra A. Jewett The 1950s; for years, people have romanticized this era. The world back then was so much easier, “more innocent”, and overall just better then today. We seem to think of this time as a magical time, the streets were paved with gum-drops and rainbows showered skittles. People had great morals and dedication and hard work were respected. The men had great paying jobs and every night, they came home to a beautiful wife and children. The wives would always wear these elegant dresses with heels and pearls. The houses never dirty because the wives would always be so willing to clean. There are so many things that make us want to have that back; but the thing is if it was so good, then why did we change it? When you think of horrid diseases a couple will come to mind. One of the ones that comes to my mind is Polio. Even though this disease is virtually eradicated, it was once rampant. Paralyzing and killing children, there was no treatment or cure for this horrendous disease. As stated by Indiana Jen, “It wasn’t until the 1960s that the Salk vaccine was developed enough to provide immunity to 99% of recipients.” Nowadays, most adults and children never have been touched by the disease and fail to recall that it was once a killer of children. Not only did you have diseases, but there was also a profusion of racism. In the 1950s (before the civil rights movements in the 1960s), racism and segregation were extremely tangible and culturally ingrained practices. It

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