The Significance of Family in Maryse Conde’s, Segu Essay

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“Dousika was a nobleman…the father of ten legitimate sons, ruling as patriarch over five families, his own and those of his younger brothers. His compound reflected his standing in Segu society” (Conde 42). In Maryse Conde’s, Segu, it is apparent that family is one of the most significant and outstanding themes in the tale. Through main characters like, Nya and Dousika, Conde does a great job of depicting the entirety of the family matters. Without establishing the implication of family there would not have been an authentic foundation to institute the latter controversies. The next theme of no lesser importance would have to be religion. “This new god, this Allah…was invincible. He would be like a sword. In his name the earth would run …show more content…

For instance, Nya is allowed to enter the secret hut that shelters altars, which a lot of people aren’t allowed in, but because of her authority endowed by her family she has access.
Moreover family is not only important to the story, but it is in the story as well. Dousika is a well-respected member of the royal council. Dousika was the head of the Traore family. He has ten sons and two wives and some concubines, but his most important ones were Nya, and his last love, Sira. Even though Dousika appeared to be a stern chief, one could tell his family meant a lot to him. Inevitably, almost everything Dousika does is for his family. He takes his sons on hunting trips which are like educational excursions for them. It is lucid that family is also important just from the very way Dousika treats his wives. As aforementioned even though women are generally inferior in this culture, Dousika does possess a form of compassion for his wives. Of course he has the dominant role, but it is dominant in a more relaxed sense. Family is undoubtedly important in this tale and it is not until religion comes to Segu that family is compromised.
Religion and its ethics are very deeply infused within the current culture of the Bambara in Segu. The spread of the Islamic and Christian religions took place all around. During this period, there is a constant battle between Christians, Muslims, and the already

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