The Signs Of Mania And Depression

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Just being aware of the signs of mania and depression can significantly help a loved one who suffers from bipolar. Knowing what to do in these situations is key, and being supportive goes a long way. In violent situations, the bipolar individual might need to be medicated or sedated. Jamison speaks frankly about violent outbursts she’s had throughout her life and within her relationships.
“Both my manias and depressions had violent sides to them. Violence, especially if you’re a woman, is not something spoken about with ease. Being wildly out of control – physically assaultive, screaming insanely at the top of ones lungs, running frenetically with no purpose or limit, or impulsively trying to leap from cars – is frightening to others and unspeakably terrifying to oneself. In blind manic rages I have done all of these things, at one time or another, and some of them repeatedly; I remain acutely aware of how difficult it is to control or understand such behaviors, much less explain them to others.” (Jamison 120).
A popular show currently on television that depicts a realistic and accurate account of bipolar disorder is Homeland. The award-winning Showtime cable TV series starring Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, a CIA agent with bipolar disorder, “tells a spellbinding story of espionage and counterterrorism in the middle and Far East, but also accurately depicts mental illness as it occurs in real life.”// Her character portrays volatility and unpredictability that often…
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