The Signs Of The Store

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The store was practically empty that day, Saturdays always were. Everyone hated Saturdays. It was the signaling of Sunday’s storm approaching. They only customers who came in on Saturdays were the ones who knew better. All the employees who were scheduled to come in Sunday, moped around, dreading having to deal with crazy customers. The ones who weren’t coming in walked around with a bounce in their step. Josh, was in a frenzy, making sure the store was fully stocked in every area. He kept hovering over Christina and Dylan as they arranged the shelves and made sure restocked the shelves. It wasn’t until Luis, a fellow employee, dragged him away, but even then, Josh managed to escape to bug Elias who was stuck on inventory duty again with Liam, another employee. They had made fun of Josh’s hair again. “Is he always like that?” Dylan asked Christina. Dylan had yet to work on a Sunday, so he wouldn’t understand why Josh acted that way. Then again, Christina had worked there for six years, she was just used to everyone’s quirks. “Josh is just an anxious person. Sunday’s are hard for him.” Dylan nodded, but Christina could tell through his expression that he still didn’t get it. Dylan came off as a confident guy, always aware of his strengths and could talk to just about anyone. Of course he would find it strange that someone could have so much trouble socializing. If he thought Josh was bad, Christina wondered what he thought of Diana. “I like your shirt by the way. I love

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