Bookmaster Inadequate Inventory but Excellent Customer Service

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When Drew wanted a new book, he did what most people would do; he went to the local Bookmaster store. On the way to the store, Drew encountered traffic problems as well as a city bus blocking the store’s parking lot. Upon arrival he had a short wait before speaking with a customer relations associate to check the availability of the book. The associate checked the computer and found the store had two copies available. The associate and Drew looked for the book and discovered the book was out of stock. Drew was given the option of driving 15 miles across town with the assumption that the computer inventory was correct, and the book was actually in stock at another Bookmaster store. With much frustration, Drew was leaving when the …show more content…

Unfortunately, the requested book was unavailable at that store, but the associated offered alternatives to Drew. The alternatives included purchasing the book from another Bookmaster store across town, transferring the book from another store, or using an e-book version. However, Drew was not satisfied with any of the alternatives, so he chose not to purchase the book. Despite Drew’s dissatisfaction the associate put forth effort to help Drew in locating a copy of the book which showed that the employees at Bookmaster care about their customers’ wants and needs.
On the other hand, Bookmaster needs to improve a few areas to reduce the dissatisfaction felt by its consumers. The first alteration that Bookmaster should investigate is how often the city bus blocks the driveway to the store. If the bus is blocking the driveway numerous times throughout the day the store could be losing customers because he/she was unable to park new the store. For example, if an elderly or disabled customer wants to shop and is unable to park close to the building, he/she may decide to continue on to the next book store or to make his/her book purchases online. In order to reduce or eliminate customer frustration or dissatisfaction, the owners of Bookmaster should contact the city bus manager. Bookmaster could suggest moving the bus stop by a couple feet to prevent the bus from blocking the stores entrance or to ask if the bus driver could be made aware that he/she is blocking the

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