The Silence Of The Lambs

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Fears of Film As a person who does not get frightened easily I find that some aspects of certain horror movies enables them to be scarier than others. I’ve found, through my seventeen years of horror movie experience that whenever a filmmaker decides to place entirely plausible scenarios into their films, or they play with their audiences irrational psychological fears their film becomes a masterpiece. Contrarily if there is no plot line, unnecessary gore, and too much sex appeal the movie becomes boring and unwatchable. I do not often rewatch films, yet I often find myself intrigued by a particular horror film which goes by the name of The Silence of The Lambs. The reason why this horror film is so great is because it has nearly no jump scares, and no monster like beings. Instead, The Silence Of the Lambs artfully engages its audience with the reality of the plot. Throughout the film the audience is met with two very contrasting characters; Doctor Hannibal Lecter, an imprisoned cannibal psychiatrist, and Clarice Starling an FBI agent who is haunted by her past. Clarice Starling must use the help on Hannibal Lecter to catch Buffalo Bill, a serial killer who abducts women, and mends their skin into body suits for himself. While the search for Buffalo Bill is happening, Clarice is also fighting an internal battle with her traumatic past, due to her having to resurface her childhood memories, because Dr.Lecter will only give her information on the Buffalo Bill case if she

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