The Silly Jokes For Kids

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Jokes are simply stories, phrases or sentences that are purely meant to amuse and make people jovial. Laughter has never failed to light up someone’s face and if you ask me, people look more beautiful and attractive when they are happy. At least I know I do. What better way is there to charm someone if not by making them laugh? One of the major reasons why kids are usually drawn to people is because of their abilities to make them happy and keep them laughing all the way to a happy ending. Trust me; no one can resist a charmer, let alone kids. It is easy to tickle a child’s sense of humor. You just have to have a good joke and get your silly goofy face on board. That kid will fall in love with you instantly. …show more content…

Jokes can also help a child relax when faced with a situation that makes them anxious or afraid. As stated earlier, when endorphins are released, feelings of anxiety and fear subside leaving the child more relaxed and calm
Happy mood stimulates happy thoughts. When a child is constantly meditating on happy thoughts, they become more optimistic about life and therefore you will not have to deal with issues like stress and irritability.
Jokes help develop a child’s sense of humor. Let us face it, a child with no sense of humor will grow to be an adult with no sense of humor. How will this work out? at the end of the day, a person’s sense of humor is what makes them so unique and gives them an ability to fit into certain social groups and truth be told, everyone craves to fit in. a well developed sense of humor gives a child an upper hand.
Humor helps a child to cope in different environments. No matter the place or time, having lighter moments every now and then can help a child adjust and eventually cope with the changes. Being able to stay happy and laugh in the middle of unwanted changes is a great way to help a kid learn how to easily adjust and cope in different environments and circumstances regardless of how adverse they are.

There are some elements that a joke should not

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