The Similarities And Differences Of Christianity And Christianity

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Christianity and Buddhism may seem like complete opposites from the outside, but upon closer examination one can see that they do have some similarities. For example, both religions share a basic rule of behavior which influences how they treat others. Both religions believe that there is some form of life after dead in one way or another. What makes comparing two religions so interesting is not looking at their similarities but looking at how different they are. When we were asked what the title of the assigned reading meant to us God is not One, my first thought was the idea that “God” is different for everyone, that is an accurate statement. But after thinking about it I took it as while God may be different for everyone, God is the one thing that everyone in the world thinks about and has an opinion on. The problem in Christianity is sin, it is believed that we are born with sin. The story goes that God gave Adam and Eve this beautiful garden, they were allowed to eat anything they desired except the fruit from the tree of good and evil. God told them that if they ate from the forbidden tree then they would die. One day Satan came disguised as a snake and told Eve to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree, Satan said it would make her like God if she ate it. Eve fell for the lie and decided to eat the fruit, she then shared it with Adam. Immediately after eating the fruit both Adam and Eve knew that had disobeyed God, and they felt ashamed of their actions and tried to

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