The Similarities Of George Washington Vs. Abraham Lincoln

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George Washington vs. Abraham Lincoln Throughout America's history, George Washington is considered one of the best presidents of the United States, considering the challenges he faced with foreign and domestic affairs. Along with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln is also considered one of the best Presidents of The United States, for his ability to compromise, domestic accomplishments, and his integrity and executive ability.
George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are two similar individuals, for instance: they both had many setbacks, for instance: when George Washington served in the Revolutionary War, he lost many battles, but in the very last battle, he was victorious, and that made all the difference. Along with Washington’s setbacks, Lincoln had many setbacks as well, even though he lost his job, failed in business, had a nervous breakdown, and was defeated for the U.S senate twice, he was elected President of The United States of America, that made all the difference. This goes to show that no matter how many times someone fails, they can still achieve great things. This only made their presidencies better, they could take their mistakes and failures, and turn them into ways they could better themselves. They were also both inventive men, Lincoln had a patent for an invention to lift ships off shoals. Washington liked to read agricultural manuals, he invented a plow that automatically dropped seeds into furrows.
George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are also

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