The Simpsons And Jerry Springer And How Both Shows Are Similar Yet Differentiate From One Another?

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This essay will explore in detail the ideology behind both shows The Jeremy Kyle Show and Jerry Springer and how both shows are similar yet differentiate from one another. It will also provide a critical analysis of the two shows and how these programs could be seen as an immoral ‘freak show’ aimed to embarrass those of a working class on it in relation to class.
First of all, ideology is defined as a collection of beliefs and values that conduct the way in which a society or man or woman acts. With reality televsion, the ideologies awarded are rather robust on audiences. Together with the phrase “truth” suggests to audiences that what they see on tv is a exact and independent presentation of “actual” lifestyles with “real” individuals. Audiences thus are in a position to narrate to these folks and establish with them much more than with humans from scripted television which makes the effect of the promoted ideology even superior. Due to the fact that of this, to audiences it 's interesting to peer how men and women communicate and behave in exceptional situations as they educate us whatever about human nature and so develop our expertise. However one might additionally argue that reality television is as a rule merciless, exposing the contributors to gross humiliation for our possess amusement. Reality television could even be seen as tabloid media in that shows like Jeremy Kyle and Jerry Springer could be considered as “voyeuristic and shameless exploitation of ordinary…
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