The Situational Leadership Theory ( Slt Model Is Not Based On Any Research Evidence

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Criticism: The SLT model is not based on any research evidence, it has failed to arouse the interest of the researchers. However , this Situational leadership theory (SLT) model concentrates on only one situational aspect that is,the maturity level of the subordinates, to judge the leadership effectiveness. Therefore, this model does not truly reflect the situational leadership (Hersey & Blanchard 1969). According to the researcher in this theory leader they have to tell their subordinates that what, when and where to do. So they can go step by step to get the everyday success. In this he can tell what his expectation in a friendly way, so that they can get their promotions. 2.4.3. Path-Goal Theory…show more content…
First is so complex and incorporates so many different concept mixed I each other so that the reason this theory is confusing. Another limitation of this theory is that it has received only incomplete support from the many practical research studies, than they have been conducted to test its validity. The last and the very important criticism of this theory is that it fails to explain the relationship between leader behavior and employee motivation (Peter 2010). 2.5 Traditional Leadership Some managers have a tendency to recognize their employees positive and favourable ways and others negative or suspicious ways. "Theory X attitudes" and "Theory Y Attitudes" describe management devised by Douglas McGregor. Theory X attitudes • Majority of the employees do not want to work and they always try to avoid work whenever they got opportunities. • Since majority people do not want to work, they have to be pushed, personally monitored, and take them into the penalty process. • The most people are normally lazy, have slight aspiration, wants to stay away from task and wish safety as a chief objective. • Very few people is self-interested and has little concern for organisational goal (Kowske, 2007). Theory y attitude • A large number of people regard job as usual as play or take

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