The Slaughter of Native Americans and The Enslavement of African Americans

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Race is an issue that has impacted every person on Earth for the past few centuries; humans have been divided into different ‘labels’ based upon their physical appearance. Although race seemed like a good idea to categorize and distinguish people, these groupings have been used as a basis for hatred and oppression. Throughout the years, countries, governments, and individuals have utilized race as an excuse to exploit and abuse other people. According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, slavery came before the concept of races, and the notion of different races may have originated in Spain during the Inquisition. Michael James writes, “The grand inquisitor Torquemada reformulated the Inquisition to inquire not just into …show more content…

Despite the fact that races are not real, humans still erroneously insist on dividing themselves into different categories when in fact there should only be one. However, through scientific discoveries, race can be effectively be disproven once and for all.
According to Science Daily, the origin of life is best explained through the “Out of Africa” theory, in which humans originated out of Africa and over time, migrated to different parts of Europe and Asia. This theory that humans originated from one place should be enough to support the fact that there are no races. It is hard to imagine a group of people in Africa with individuals who displayed different physical characteristics. For example, there was no single “Caucasian” or “Asian” person in this clan who started these lineages. It is highly likely that this group of primitive humans had more similar physical characteristics than dissimilar. Therefore, it is impossible for races to exist if we are all linked to the same family. To further support this theory, science has proven that many “races” have similar characteristics; there are no distinct genetics that makes humans inherently different. PBS’ website Race: The Power of Illusion, presents different cases in which humans can potentially be classified, for example: skin, fingerprints, and blood type.

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