The Slavery Of The Slave Trade

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Africa’s has obtained a poor representation of its deep past, during the past couple of weeks we have watched, read and researched information on this topic. Africa has been known to be backwards, poor, and disconnected from the rest of the world. Which we have proven false throughout this course, as a result, we will focus on five maps and a few readings that have proven Africa’s deep past has had inquired and false truths.
Overall, Africa earns very little recognition for its past, the past that has been hidden. Map 7 gives you a few examples of how Atlantic slave trade came to be. What would be significant about it is that the laws, and rules that existed for the slave trade, were slightly confusing. Example not everyone knew or would …show more content…

As for our visual representation Adanggaman we are taken to the early 17th century where Ossei and his village gets burn down by the African slavers. He had left his village when this incident happened, to find his girlfriend and father dead, and his mother has been captured. Throughout the movie we see the battle that Ossei goes through as he tries to help his mother from the slavers. Map 7 is the best represented map of Africa and the issues that faces it because, there are facts, information, Yes this did happen and here is how it happened this map has the most evidence, that this is true history.
As we go forth to map 1 diamonds map of “People of Africa” we identify that, this is not the best representation of Africa’s past. This is because you cannot truly determine where “White’s, Black’s, Prymies, Khoisan, and Indonesians Blacks, or the majority of the population was located. According to Diamond the Europeans needed a physical description of who occupied what area of Africa due to the fact that the majority of Africa’s population would be “black”. What does Diamond even mean by “black” and also you cannot have geographical representation of Africa diving it into five groups due to the fact that the majority of trade would be done on the coast. He also says that the whites and blacks were divided in Africa but how could that be? During the time of A.D. 1400 Diamond argues that the five divisions of Africa, according to this Map

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