The Social And Economic Causes Of The American Revolution

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It is fair to say that the English colonies grew tremendously from a rocky financial start to having the potential to be a great source of wealth for the colonists involved in cultivation and trade. Yet one must admit that there were some social and economic issues that were dissatisfactory within the new colonies. These factors would lead to their ultimate rebellion against their mother country and ultimately push them to declare their independence in the US. It is worth noting that there was no lone cause of the rebellion against Britain, but it was a series of events [1]. The essential reason why the rebellion was started was based on feelings that too much control was being taken and exercised by the mother country; paired with the colonists having little to no control over taxation and their economic system, lastly leading to feelings of oppression. The friction that led to the revolution of the colonies started in 1651 when the British government sought to regulate trade in the American colonies with a single aim of enriching the mother country [2]. To ensure that the objective was properly implemented, the English government passed the Navigation Acts restricting trade to England alone. [3] These Acts had a significant impact on the merchants of the colonies. The merchants felt that their right to determine their financial direction had been infringed upon by Britain and they wanted their concerns to be upheld [4]. The feelings of the colonists were so strong that

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