The Social And Emotional State Of Good Tv Shows

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Michelle Seiler
Child Development #10 To watch or Not to watch?

Do you know what your kids are watching on TV these days? My topic is, “What is the social and emotional state of good TV shows vs bad TV shows.” I think my topic is important because TV is very influnetly to children. There are many positive aspects of good TV shows. It can promote early reading, teach songs, and teach good values children need in life. The negative aspects of bad TV shows are that it can teach children bad language, violence, and inappropriate behavior. As a teacher I can encourage positive behavior inside and outside of the classroom.

According to some researchers, studies have found the television program characteristics that have …show more content…

A few great television programs for young children according to the SEL and the SELECT are Busytown Mysteries, Boo, 321 Penguins, Doodlebops Rock’in Show, Jane and the Dragon, and Magical DoReMI. TV shows have changed so much since I was a little kid. My personal favorite of great tv shows when I was growing up where Adventures from the Book of Virtue’s and Magic School Bus. The study sampled a total of four episodes per series resulting in a grand total of 80 episodes that’s a lot of TV shows to watch for one study. The raters of this study where the first author and two undergraduate research assistants. The raters in this study where in their mid 20’s and both of them where females. Believe it or not the SELECT is the first ever rating instrument used to design and measure TV episode’s SEL content in detail. The people who find the SELECT instrument useful for their studies of improving and choosing positive and strong SEL TV content are media researchers, program creators, and educators.

According to the research “The association of parent’s outcome expectations for child TV viewing with parenting practices and child TV viewing: an examination using path analysis,” TV viewing has become a very common childhood behavior. TV watching tends to have a great number of both positive and negative

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