The Social Factors Of Public Interest In Public Administration

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Public interest refers to the social factors or influence decision making by administrators in public administration. Public interest in public administration falls in four broad categories. Firstly is the perfectionist point of view. Under this, public interest is viewed from the point of excellence promotion in social activities. According to this view, public resources should be spent in a manner that most of the society members benefit fully from. Herring, E. P. (1936). Public administration and the public interest.
Secondly is the intuitionist category. Under this category in case of conflicting situations, the administration chooses an option by intuition. This is to say that an organization chooses an intuitionist solution that seems the right course of action to be undertaken in given circumstances. Herring, E. P. (1936). Public administration and the public interest. Another on is derived from the theory of justice. This is as pronounced by the philosopher John Rawls. He suggests that “two basic principles of justice to be followed in testing public interest n public administration”. Actually, one of this is that every individual ought to have equal right to the most extensive basic liberty that is compatible with another liberty for others. Finally, is the utilitarianism category. According to this particular category public interest is served when a given public policy makes one a little better off even though it may make some individuals somehow worse.
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