The Social Interaction Of Alcohol Essay

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Bars often provide one of the most open and accepting social atmospheres where people go to hang out with friends, meet new people, watch sporting events, go on a date, read a book, eat a meal, or sometimes just to get drunk. Drinking often causes people to loosen up and engage in conversation or reveal personal information that they probably wouldn’t in any other environment. The influence of alcohol puts a person in a vulnerable situation, so bar patrons typically want to drink in a place they feel is accepting and protective. Diversity among, and the social interaction between the clientele varies depending upon the type of bar. In my research, I have observed the level of diversity and the nuances of social interaction in two distinct types of bars. The Storehouse is a centrally-located bar in Manhattan, falling under the category of a cosmopolitan space. Conversely, Old Stanley’s can be classified as a neighborhood bar, acting as a more ethnocentric zone, frequented mostly by younger whites who have recently populated the gentrifying neighborhood of Bushwick in the borough of Brooklyn. While both bars share a general sense of security and goodwill among its customers, the clientele and the ways they interact vary greatly between the two bars. Many similarities exist between the two bars, but their distinct localities play a major role in defining the interpersonal relations that take place within. The Storehouse is a bar located in Chelsea. Although the concept of the
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