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Child Abuse: The Social Issue
Child abuse is a common social issue that people have dealt with for decades. Many argue over how serious it is; some say it’s not as common and media wants you to think. Child abuse is actually very common and a very big issue that the people around the world need to pay more attention to. Child abuse is a serious worldwide issue and not enough is being done to control it and help those affected by it.
Child abuse can be defined in many ways. Different areas on the globe and different cultures may see one thing as child abuse while another does not. Simple ways to define it can be describing it as anything that causes a child physical or emotional harm or if it places a child in danger of harm. There are also multiple ways to abuse a child, they can be physically, emotionally, sexually, and, the most common form, they can be neglected. Some ways that you could define physics abuse are shaking, beating, punching, biting, or burning. The extent of physical abuse range from mild/moderate physical maltreatment (e.g. skin injury and fractures of bones) to fatal abuse leading to death; the most common cause of death is injury to the head, followed by injury to the abdomen (Alexander et al. , 2001). According to the WHO there were 57 000 cases of homicide among children below 15 years due to physical abuse in year 2000” (Hiame 1). Younger kids are more likely to be physically abused with fractures, burns and bruises. This is so common that it started

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