Child Abuse Is A Social Problem

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Children advance through a series of life changing events while growing up. Plenty of them are cheerful milestones that are celebrated for instance a birthday or an accomplishment, and then there are those children who are neglected and abused by another family member. When a child is abused or neglected, it not only affects them when they are children, but also affects them when they become functioning adults in society. A sociological social psychology perspective that can be applied to explain why child abuse happens which is the social structure and personality perspective. This perspective can also find a way to solve child abuse in the home. Child abuse is a social problem that has been happening for plenty of decades in our society and with the social structure and personality perspective, one is able to help explain why it happens and how the problem can be solved. The social structure and personality perspective represents the connections between the conditions of society and the individual. In child abuse, this perspective fits in due to parent having a role as either a mother or father to protect the child from harm and raise them, but if that role fails and the child is abused or neglected by the parents, the child can suffer while growing up. Child abuse happens for multiple reasons that include the child’s parent might have unrealistic expectations that deals with what parenthood is all about and realize it is extremely difficult or
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