The Social Of Social Media Essay

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Social Media Checklist. The number and type of social media sites participants utilize will be measured using a social media checklist. The Social Media checklist consists of (e.g. Ask:fm, Facebook, Flicker, Google+ Instagram, Linkedin, Myspace, Pinterest, QQ Reddit, Snapchat, Skype Tinder, Tumblr, Twitter, Vine, WeChat, Youtube). Raters will check all forms of social media utilized. An average social media checklist is of interest. Higher scores indicate increased social media sites usage. Lower scores indicate decreased social media use sites. Procedures Pre-Data Collection Procedures The proposed study will be submitted to the University of Northern Colorado Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to participant recruitment. Three methods will be utilized for recruiting participants. The first method will include online solicitation though the universities Undergraduate Research website. The Undergraduate Research website allows students and faculty to recruit volunteers. In order for advertisement permission to be granted, IRB approval and a document outlining purpose of the study and participant requirements is required. The second method will include solicitation through the School of Psychological Sciences Participant Pool (sona-system) online system. The sona system advertises studies for students enrolled in PSY 120. Participation in a research study or a research paper is required for research credit for all students enrolled in PSY 120. Participants recruited

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