The Social Problem Of Domestic Violence

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A social problem that really impacts the world, as it has impacted my life is Domestic Violence. Domestic violence as well as emotional abuse is a behavior or actions done by one person to another in a relationship to have control over the person in which you are in a relationship with. Domestic violence does not discriminate partners can be married or simply just be living together, they can be straight, gay, or lesbian and it can be done to both women and men. I know there is a lot of help out there for women and men that have been abused, but I believe the real problem is that people are sometimes too afraid to speak up and sometimes people become too comfortable in the environment in which they live in to realize that what is being done to them is abuse. I feel this is a social problem because people are not being educated the right way about domestic violence and how it affects society as a whole, also many people think it is normal to live in an abusive relationship and this is because this problem is not addressed adequately and taught to people at a young age. I suffered domestic violence, and I feel that I allowed it to happen to me because I was not educated on the subject, I felt that it was something normal in a relationship. I grew up with a single mother I never had a father figure in my household when I was growing up and I did not know what to expect from a relationship because of that. I was in a relationship for 8 years and out of that relationship I had a

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