The Social Problem Of Eating Disorders

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Eating disorders have become a major social problem in America, especially for woman. Our society pushes a fantasy of the idealized body through advertising, magazines, television, and social networks. It has become the cultural norm for women to be materialized out of the delusional thought process centered on the perfect body. From a very young age, women are given the message that in order to be happy and pretty, they must look like a Barbie doll. Women need to become aware that society’s ideal body image is not feasible. Your body is merely a vessel that contains the beautiful mind and soul that makes who you are. Our society has created unattainable standards of perfection in body image, and it is causing the rate of eating disorders to keep increasing. Over time, I have learned the most important aspect in life: perfection does not exist. Every year, millions of people are displeased with their outward appearance. The media presents society with unrealistic body types promoting people, especially women, to look like them. We spend so much time trying to look like what society wants, that we begin to see others and ourselves as what is presented physically rather then who a person is. According to Helen Champion: It has been suggested that the media, in consistently portraying thin, stereotypically attractive bodies, exacerbates the phenomenon of body dissatisfaction, and in consequence may be partly responsible for the increase in the prevalence of eating disorders
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