The Social Side of Decision Making Essay

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The Social Side of Decision Making In our group for this assignment we used a few techniques to arrive at a combined agreement. Group Polarization was definitely present in this group, so was dictatorship and conformity. The group worked together verbally; since a face to face was not applicable. Moscovici & Zavalloni describe group polarization as a “tendency for a group discussion to amplify the inclinations of group members.” (Moscovici, S., & Zavalloni, M., 1969). Group polarization creates what Moscovici & Zavalloni call the risky shift, where group members will more likely tend to agree to disagree and take more risks than if the member of the group were to be working alone independently. When people are in a group they are more …show more content…

As with any group as I said before you need to learn to agree to disagree sometimes. You are not always right and they are not always right, however, given the chance to brainstorm and toss ideas around, the group is able to come to a consensus of agreement that “this is the right answer or close”. We can’t have our pie and eat it too meaning; we cannot have it our way all the time. Sometimes we have to break out of our habit of how we do things singly and join the group as a whole. During this group with the above mentioned theories applied to avoid any biases and errors was to first accept the fact that they exist. Doing so we were able to reduce these from occurring and were able to request; not demand, the information that was needed. I (since I was the leader) led the group as I have done many groups in my management history. I encouraged criticism of each other, even myself, I encouraged brainstorming to discuss the best possible way to plan and complete the assignment, I encouraged all members of the group to apply their opinions and suggestions because we all matter not just one and I applied deadlines for everybody to apply the rule of responsibility. I led the group and I let

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