The Social Significance And The Effect Of Malls

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When hearing the word ‘mall’ the most common examples that will come to people’s mind are York dale, Scarborough Town Center or Vaughan Mills. They picture these huge supercenters mini- well known stores such as Garage, Le Chateau, H & M, Best Buy even Wal-Mart, etc. These places will be filled with large amounts of people shopping. Food courts with a huge line up and a mini kiosks asking people if you want to try a free sample. The way people view malls are different depending on their point of view. I hope by the end of this report to show the social significance and the effect the malls has on us. Describing the Object: Malls can vary from small regional malls (they contain a cluster of retail stores) and to “megamalls offering a combination of shopping and carnival like diversions to the festival malls specializing in recreational shopping to the intensely fortified ghetto malls observed by Mike Davis” and even too neighborhood malls (the purpose to is to serve consumers within a radius of two miles) (source 2). According to BLANK 2 all malls would love to think that they are distinct and can offer something new to consumers yet they all tend to share common features in terms of aesthetics, architecture, and design. BLANK 2 states the reason for this is “that a high percentage of malls are planned and built by a few transnational architectural and design firms” (source 2). HE/SHE 2 refers to this as the appropriation of local symbols within the space of the mall since

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