The Social Theories of Harriet Martineau

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The Social Theories of Harriet Martineau For the most part, men are usually credited when it comes to Sociological Theories and explanations. Women were given little attention if any, when it came to matters outside of the household. One woman in particular managed to stand out in the 1800’s despite the plague of gender inequalities during her time. She not only stood up against sexism but also used her Sociological perspectives to fight for women’s rights, the well being of children, suppression of non-whites, and the abolition of slavery. Harriet Martineau ventured bravely into a world of theories that was dominated by white men. Women were far from being heard and even farther from being thought of as equals regarding education. …show more content…

She approached the challenges as a Sociologist would and traveled far and wide to meet with people of all different walks and parts of America. Though she was British, she dedicated herself to studying and evaluating Americans, therefore only using American conditions and expressions (Clearly & Hughs, 2013). She was careful not use the standards for British etiquette and kept the presence of American culture in the books she wrote based on her

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