The Social World Created By Groups Of Sportsmen At University Essay

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Part 1: Description of the social world created by groups of sportsmen at university. In university, one can meet and interact with a variety of individuals of various backgrounds, appearances, views, and interests. Nevertheless, this group of guys has always been the most popular. All the girls have crush on them, and geeks scuttle in panic in order not be mocked again. It is difficult to imagine a student award ceremony without them standing on the stage, smiling with their snow white smiles, holding a cup or having medals on the necks given by a Headmaster. This particular group of well-built guys wearing a sporty outfit, and sometimes smelling as they are wearing a sporty outfit, is outstanding. These guys are students athletes. They greet each other with a light slap on the back, to show fellowship. As they represent a sport team and team identification composes the basis of relations between them, they usually go together everywhere. From my view, being a student athlete has turned into a social role spread by mass culture. This means that you are attached to a lot of stereotypes, that sometimes turn out to be untrue. For example, the appearance of Jock, which means an athlete who is busy mostly with sports and sports culture, and does not have access to intellectual culture, speaks for itself. During the breaks between classes, all the students are busy with their own stuff. Some are trying to get prepared for the next class hastily, some are in the line at school

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