The Socialization Of Political Socialization

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Political Socialization Georgia is the nation’s number one producer of the three Ps: peanuts, pecans, and peaches. This home-grown Georgia peach was produced in the suburbs just North of Atlanta and South of the chicken coops in Alpharetta. Being a product of my environment, I could embody the stereotypes bestowed upon me at birth. However, I have yet to master following procedure and broadening your perspective to other cultures and ideas is more entertaining to me than sitting on a lumpy, sun-kissed couch on your cousin’s porch off a gravel back road waiting for the cicadas to come out. The guidance and discipline instilled into my youth through family and friends, region and media exposure has greatly affected the way I choose to perceive the world. Other factors such as religion has yet to hold a heavy presence in my life based on my family’s viewpoint. Although being cultivated along the Bible Belt, my family tree’s branches filled with devout Irish Catholics surpassed my immediate family. Both of my parents were raised Catholic yet deemed engaging in academics, extracurricular activities, helping others, and leading healthy lives exceedingly necessary. My parents wanted my two siblings and I to decide the lives we would ultimately lead without societal constraints. The aspect of a community was not the selling factor for my parents because of their introverted personalities. Neither ever felt the need to fit in, in order to be happy. Involvement in “Megachurches” in

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