The Sociological Development Of Sports

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The gaining popularity of sports globally, as well as the economic weight and political resonance that comes with it, makes it mandatory for sports to be included as a sub discipline of sociology. Currently, sports are regarded as one of the international phenomena that has developed from the previous perception which considered it as a recreational activity. Sports is now an integral part of the social and cultural fabric that has contributed immensely to addressing some of the social problems as well as a source of economic empowerment. The contribution of sports has immensely contributed to a myriad of factors such as the political movement that was witnessed during the anti-apartheid campaigns in South Africa. Besides, sport has also been used in changing the perception of the modern world evident by the intensified interest and emphasis that has developed over the years. The following section offers an in-depth analysis of the sociological development sports has made in the society as well as some of the intrinsic factors. The fact that sport has undergone radical changes in the course of its development to become a multibillion dollar industry can be blamed entirely on the social, political and economic transformations that have accompanied it. Some of the major sporting events such as the Olympics and the World Cup best showcase some of the radical changes created by sports as well as some of the economic impacts they usually have in the host

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