The Software Development Life Cycle

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Have you ever wondered how does software developers go about creating their Software Applications for their customers? Do you think they just make assumptions and go straight into coding? No, software developers follow a process. In order to create that successful piece of software, they need something to help guide them along which helps them plan, and manage the application. So what is this process? The Software Development Life Cycle is the approach that developers use to help aid them in creating their software product. According to DuPaul “ A software development lifecycle is essentially a series of steps or phases, that provide a model for the development and lifecycle management of an application or piece of software”. …show more content…

There are two different types of SDLC processes that can be used. You can decide to use waterfall or agile; depending on the type of project. The difference between the two? The waterfall process is very traditional and begins from top to bottom; a well thought plan and defined requirements. Agile SDLC breaks up a huge project into smaller chunks and changes /adjustments are made as needed throughout the process. Agile SDLC is usually lead by a scrum Master and is more fast paced than waterfall ( DuPaul). The SDLC process can vary across different businesses and organizations but it involves six stages that establish a lifecycle for software and it is essential to understand what is involved in each step. The first step in the SDLC is the planning stage. Probably the most important part but this is the stage where all the ideas are laid out. During this phase the objective of the project is determined and the requirements to create the product are discussed. Also estimation is done in this phase to see how much resource such as people and costs, and the concept for the new product. All of this info is gathered, and analyzed to check if there is an different solution to creating a new product. If there is no other alternative, the information is put together into a project plan and presented to management for approval (Morris). The second phase in the SDLC is the analysis stage. During this stage the project team

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