A Report On Systems Development Life Cycle

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This report discusses the information we have obtained through an investigation of New Age Ltd.’s situation, regarding the company’s concern of their below par sales performance and their belief that the problems they are experiencing originate from an ill-equip information system. This report will pay particular attention to the system requirements of the current system that we, as a group, have identified, as well as the requirements gathers from its users. The report will comment on the observations that we have made during the investigation, the proposed system requirements that we have developed to improve New Age Ltd.’s situation and finally, the development process that system analysts would take to create a new information system.
Preliminary Investigation
Systems Development Life Cycle
As described by the Kendall’s, the systems development life cycle (SDLC) is the “systematic approach analysts take to the analysis and design of information systems” (Kendall & Kendall, 2011). The SDLC contains several distinct phases which tend to vary source to source. The benefit of dividing the SDLC into separate phases would be that the complexity of an information systems development is broken down into smaller, easier to manage processes, where similar activities can be carried out. As shown in Figure 0 1, here we have divided the life cycle into its seven distinct phases. Although Figure 0 1 presents the life cycle as a systematic process, it may be possible for multiple…

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