Design Management for American Apparel

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Design Management Project American Apparel: Introduction There are five major design elements, performance, quality, durability, appearance and cost. The purpose of design is to optimise customer satisfaction and the profitability of a company by creatively coordinating these five elements in coherence with the company 's products, environments, information, and corporate identity, thus, connecting the company with the consumer by creating products and services which appeal to the consumers needs. Design is not solely the shape, dimensions, or purpose of the product; it is the decision-making process that deals with the culmination of the appearance of objects, taking into consideration the economy, technical function, and making sure…show more content…
This stage will end with a clear definition of problems and a plan of how to address them. Key activities during the define stage are: Project development, project management, and project sign-off. Develop The third quarter indicates a period of development where design-led all of solutions to the problems found in the discovery stage are developed, repeated and tested within the company. The objectives during the develop stage are: Multi-disciplinary working, visual management, development methods, and testing. Deliver The final quarter of the double diamond model is the delivery stage, where the resulting product or service is finalized and launched in the relevant market. The delivery stage also provides feedback for future projects i.e. problems that delayed the project could be recognized and avoided in future projects. The key activities and objectives during this stage are: Final testing, approval, launch, targets, evaluation, and feedback loops. Design Management Design management involves the core functions of the management process and directly links them to the process of innovation and design. Businesses are facing an increasingly competitive market place with new innovations and technologies appearing all of the time. Therefore, design is a good way to differentiate the product from a competitor by making it more aesthetically pleasing and more functionally effective. Cooper (1997) suggested that
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