The Solar Powered Glass Invention

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One valuable accessory made for uses of sustainability is the solar powered glass invention. Its soul purpose is to sustain energy all around the world. This way, our natural resources can be preserved for other uses, keeping our environment intact. Also this can help maintain your money by saving energy. Furthermore, allowing the solar powered glass to maintain the spotlight. The solar powered glass functions by allowing photons, particles of light, to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity. Solar panels actually compromise smaller units called photovoltaic cells. Doing this helps sustain our environment in many ways. Using this, the use of electricity can be shortened, reducing our use of resources. In…show more content…
It can truly change the world as we know of it today if citizens just took time to install this and expand on its uses. Not only is the solar powered glass an advantage in modernization toward sustainability, but also a contribution to science and engineering. When the designers created this innovation, they had to use STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math] in order to perfect their original plan and distribute it. They had to find the dimensions, calculate its affect on in and on buildings (biomass) ("Glass”). Also come up with ways to keep any negative results from occurring by adding special features. A pathetic, weak-minded person wouldn’t be able to direct anyone, nor come up with these astonishing plans. This simply proves that astute individuals tend to have more success, which means the leader of this entire program, must be adroit. For a reference, if you think about classic glass windows, then in deserts we would need to install power installations of electricity. It all just goes to show how much technology is constantly improving day by day. We also have glass known as Low-e glass. You may ask yourself what is Low-e glass. Low-e glass is one of the most popular and versatile glass placed on buildings used today. The technical reason is because of its constantly improving solar and thermal performance on glass. And one way this performance is achieved is through the use of passive and
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