The Solitary Stroller And The City By Ian Borden

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Citizen of the World

The citizenship is the natural right to belong to a certain culture or country. Whether it be metaphorical or not, citizenship can mean a sense of belonging to anyone within its guidelines. Citizenship, while it does have a legal application, doesn’t mean that it has to a physical boundary. Communities can be viewed as citizenships within citizenships. In “The Solitary Stroller and the City” Solnit talks about experiencing a lack of community and citizenship while in a large city. She talks about being in a state of solitude in a city full of people. In “Driving”, Ian Borden writes about how a car is meant for the open road and not to keep in the garage away from others. So, a healthy citizenship is not based on …show more content…

Solnit later goes on to explain that this solidarity of people is due to the fact that we all have our own agenda’s and are afraid to compromise these agenda’s. The fear of the unknown is what scares all of the people to not reach out to interact with their surroundings. If you were to take the time to walk for the purpose of just walking, wouldn’t you want to create a meaningful purpose to that walk? Instead, Solnit explains that we can hide behind our seclusion in order to protect ourselves from a threat that may or may not exist. Walking and citizenship can be seen as a form of identity. Citizenship can be seen as a place where you belong. Feeling this sense of belonging is a part of you and hence a part of your identity. Walking shapes who you are because you take in the stimuli that is around you. Walking forces you to slow down in order to observe and listen to your surroundings. Or, it is a time of contemplation where one can think about the day 's events. Subconsciously, walking seems to be an everyday feat that anyone can do, but metaphysically it is essential to the inner psyche.
In Solnit’s writing, she quotes Dicken’s and he states that,” My walking is of two kinds: on straight on end to a definite goal at a round pace, one , objectless, loitering, and purely vagabond...It is one of my fancies, that even my idlest walk must always have an appointed destination.”(pg.178) Personally I walk when I’m running errands, walking my dogs, or just

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