The Somenm Ruler: Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley

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The traveller tells the story of Ozymandias as a forbidding dictator. An austere or solemn ruler, is depicted in the expression of the visage of the statue, “wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command”. The sculptor did a good job of depicting Ozymandias just the way he wanted his legacy to be known to the rest of the world and throughout the ages. Ozymandias wanted the people to view him as remote and all over commanding figure. The king places himself and his name on a pedestal. He does not only place his own name on a pedestal, but he also refers to himself as “King of Kings”. It doubles as a way to instill the fact that he is the greatest king, its and arrogant and boastful act. He also tries to instill fear by adding “despair” to his plaque. Perhaps as a warning to the nations, that he has conquered. Line 10 and line 11 in the poem also refers to a sense that Ozymandias commanded an overbearing totalitarian rule. He not just sees himself as having complete control over his subjects, but also wishes to display control over nature and over his lands. The “wrinkled lip” in line 5 shows that he might have ruled his land for a long time. Ozymandias passionately wants the world to see him as an all conquering king. A king who’s reigned consisted of absolute control and power. His power stretches so far, that he can instill images of himself on nature. He instills his image on hard and cold rocks, which is a similar description of his reign, and the way he wants to be seen.

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