The Sound of Music And The Sound of Music Live!

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The Sound of Music is one of the most favorite musical film movies of all time. The movie was first introduced to the audience in 1965, and it received popular attention from the public and five Academy Awards including Best Picture. The movie’s plot revolves around Maria, a young woman who has to leave the convent to become a governess at the Von Trapp family due to a request from the head nun. During the time at the Von Trapp’s house, Maria finds her affection grows bigger every day with the seven children and the naval officer widower, Captain Georg Von Trapp. In 2013, NBC decided to produce The Sound of Music Live! as a live television stage production which based on the original Broadway show in 1959. In both versions, The Sound of Music (1965) and The Sound of Music Live (2013) have similarities as well as differences in their casts, formats, and public’s opinion. The Sound of Music’s huge success in 1965 was mostly because of the exceptional cast, especially main actress Julie Andrews. For a long time, Julie Andrews has been remembered as a talented actress with her outstanding voice. Julie Andrews has the full package to become the star of the movie, and she surely didn’t go low on the expectation many people had in her. Before The Sound of Music became famous, Andrews has already been widely-known for her acting skills. Many critics and fans praised her performance in The Sound of Music so much that it almost seemed impossible when NBC announced the show’s Maria

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