The Source Of Alienation And Discontent

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The source of alienation and discontent has been argued by many people, like Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx. Marx believed that the source of man’s alienation came from society, specifically the economy and state. Freud argued that discontentment came from a more personal place, on more of a psychological level. Marx’s solution was to abolish private property, eliminating people’s feelings of not seeing their work pay off. Freud’s method to eliminate discontentment was for people to attend therapy. Specifically, Freud used psychoanalysis, which is specific to a person’s subconscious. Marx believed that the more a person worked, the more alienated they felt. To Marx, “alienation consists of the lack of community, so people cannot see their work as contributing to a group of which they are members, since the state is not a real community” (Stevenson, 143). He also perceived money as a cause of alienation. Money is what drives people to be an active member in society, for example where they work. People must work to survive. Marx sees this as selling themselves to their job, which is a form of alienation. He then broke down alienation into subgroups. One type of alienation that Marx discussed was the isolation of man from himself. This is when a man “does not fulfil himself in his work but feels miserable, physically exhausted, and mentally debased” (Stevenson, 142). When a man cannot see how his work is contributing to society as a whole, he begins to lose motivation to

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