The Southern Baptist Convention

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Southern Baptist The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest denomination in the world. Claiming about 16 million followers of Christ, the convention is known for its mission work and outreach programs designed to draw in more and more members each day. The conventions future, though, did not always look so bright. The convention was and still does play key parts in world controversy’s like war, homosexuality, race, and women’s rights. Many would even say the world looks up to the Southern Baptists. Which makes me ask myself a question, “Have the Southern Baptists play a bigger part in culture than I realized?”. In the next few paragraphs, I would like to explore the culture and history of Southern Baptists.
With the help of a slave owner by the name of William B. Johnson, the Southern Baptist convention was formed in 1845 when controversy from the North forbid Johnson of becoming a missionary. Johnson was respected in both the North and South, but the North was not willing to let a slave owner go into the mission field. Johnson explained in defense of the convention when it was forced organize, that belief in faith was no different from the north, despite some principle differences. The true question that centered the convention though, was “Is slavery sinful, in any circumstance?”. Although now, race isn’t a big controversy for Baptists, it obviously was a game changer in the early years of the conventions establishment. The basic beliefs of racial issues vary by
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