The United Methodist Church

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It has always been widely discussed in the media about the way certain issues currently present in our culture should be approached by the church. One of the most delicate questions is how to deal with the awareness of the church and its followers of the complex biological and psychological nature of human sexuality. It is stated in The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, 2012 that “God’s grace is available to all, that nothing can separate us from the love of God.” Besides, Methodists claim to be “in respectful dialogue with those with whom we disagree, to explore the sources of our differences, to honor the sacred worth of all persons.” Despite such tolerant, promising doctrines, a huge amount of the discussions on the topic of LGBT come down to accusations and black-and-white judgments having nothing to do with Christian dialogue.
The 53% Problem in the United Methodist Church, the article written by Reverend Jeremy Smith, proves that controversial issues are still unresolved among Methodists, which causes deterioration of the general attitude towards them each year.
The paper at hand attempts to analyze the article in order to find out whether it reflects John Wesley’s ideas and applies them to the modern interpretation of the issue. The purpose of the analysis is to demonstrate that despite the tendency of the Methodist Church to maintain Christian standards of behavior. Wesley’s ideas of equality in the face of God reflected in his doctrine of
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