The Space Station : Aeronautics And Extra Terrestrial

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1. Define the following term: microgravity, aeronautics and extra-terrestrial. Be sure to choose the definitions that suit the Physics context.
• Microgravity – Microgravity is the near weightless experienced by somebody or an object in free fall which is named microgravity.
• Aeronautics – Aeronautics is the study of the science of flight. Aeronautics enables you to study the methods of designing an aeroplane or other flying objects.
• Extra-terrestrial – Extra-terrestrial is a form of life that occurs outside Earth or its atmosphere.

2. Explain the function of the ISS? (This requires an extended answer.)
• The ISS or The International Space Station is a large spacecraft that orbits around the earth. It functions as a home to groups of astronauts and cosmonauts. The space station also serves as an exclusive science laboratory. To build this space station several nations came together along with some in space astronauts to build the space station. The ISS is very important because it enables people to have a continuing presence in space. Because of the unique laboratory in the space station people in the ISS are able to research things that cannot be done anywhere else.

3. Are there currently people living on the ISS? If so, who are they, how many and how long is their stay on the ISS? Include the date the information was posted.
• Yes, there are people currently living on the ISS. The people who are on the ISS are Chris Cassidy and Karen Nyberg from America, Pavel…
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