The Special Problem Of Doing Right

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Within the articles “The Special Problem of Doing Right in Our Occupations,” “Suggestions for an Ethical Career,” and “Promoting Ethical Behavior” numerous concepts are discussed which explore morality in general for any profession. These concepts range from personal integrity to how we should treat others and why we should or should not act in certain manners. Since these articles cover such a broad range of topics, the purpose of this paper shall be to isolate the three main points found in each paper, then explain and build upon these points. In addition, this will allow for easier and more concise analysis of the articles core principles. Given these points, the most suitable method for this paper to accomplish this task is to explore the media pieces individually while making comparisons as needed. Below this point the critiques and analysis of the three papers start. Article 1: “The Special Problem of Doing Right in Our Occupations” When employees become complacent in their occupations, there is the possibility that their moral values might deteriorate or waver due to competing internal or external interests. This seemingly casual bending of morals might have no impacts at first, but it can quickly become a very serious issue. Whether it is watching a coworker take a box of paperclips home or adding gas miles for leisure trips to their business expenses, it all starts with an employee’s personal value and their level of respect and integrity. If these
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