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The Responsibility Project Responsibility and the Arts, Lidia Bastianich The Responsibility Project is a program designed by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company that highlights and discusses ethics and morality in a modern context. The project is linked to many electronic conversations (blogs) that highlight positive social and organizational issues through role modeling and demonstrations of social challenges of the modern global world. This work will look specifically at a short film associated with ethics and morality as it impacts organizational ethics. (Liberty Mutual Co, 2012) The website responsibility-project.libertymutual.com, links to a group of short films that highlight individuals in modern society who utilize ethical decision making to drive their organizations. Some of these films are not only enlightening they are fundamental message bearers for the modern era and what it means to be successful in rather than outside of ethical decision making. The idea of the works and the project as a whole is to highlight individuals who have chosen in a lifelong pursuit of success to use organizational ethics to guide personal and business decisions and have through this choice made holistically successful businesses and organizations. In this work I chose to look specifically at the short film titled Responsibility and the Arts: Lidia Bastianich. I chose this film because it highlights an aspect of the "American dream" that seems to be an essential ideal, i.e. the

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